Duke Now Covers the Cost of Sex Change Surgery

From the Duke Chronicle:

“The addition of sexual reassignment surgery with a $50,000 cap makes Duke’s student health care plan one of the most, if not the most, transgender-inclusive plans in the country,” said junior Sunny Frothingham, the incoming outreach chair for Blue Devils United. “This is a huge step forward for Duke.”

Each year, the Student Health Advisory Committee examines the Duke Student Medical Insurance Plan and reviews how students use the plan to determine if changes need to be made to the benefits provided to students, Wasiolek said.

She added that this is the last step in providing complete coverage to Duke’s transgender community.What do you think?


It's cliched at this point to yell, “Political correctness is running amuck on college campuses!” But, in this case, what more can you say? Isn't this a clear cut case of what happens when you go too far? When logical openness becomes insanity? It all reads like a Tom Wolfe satire.

I'm not even getting into the principle of the operation. That's a discussion for another time, involving people who actually can speak on the medical necessities of sex change operations. I'm just saying that actions like this have costs. Really high costs. And Duke students/parents are already tasked with paying an exorbitant tuition, far greater than any of the surrounding schools. Now, they're being asked to pay more so a few people can enroll and take advantage of buying a dick. It's shitty.

Bottom line: Enjoy accruing more crippling student debt pay to pay others' sex change operations, Dukies. And isn't it great that you didn't even really have a say?

[H/T: College Fix]