Frat Bro Throws His Rolex Off A Bridge After Getting 100 Likes On Twitter

A bet bred of pure and unadulterated stupidity came to our attention from the folks over at TFM. This over-entitled, ungrateful fooligan needed a quick lesson in putting your money (or watch) where your mouth is. Don’t try this one at home, or just, ever.

The kid straight up screwed himself with this bet: if he won, he’d just look more like the grade A slab of douche he already was for making the bet; and if he lost (which he does) he’d be down one Rolex worth more than enough 30 racks to drown goddamn Greek Row, and all its inhabitants. In studying this disheartening case of a sheer underdeveloped rationality, one has to wonder whether the watch is real in the first place? Is this all some sort of last ditch, chuck-for-the-fences (or off a bridge) effort to climb the fratastic hierarchical totem pole, and pick up some favs and follows ‘long the way?

Let this be a lesson to us all, and to those young budding lads yet crowned frat princes: don’t toss your damn Rolex off a bridge. Treasure that sh*t like you’re four months late on rent, buried in a slush pile of college debt, and that that bling exchanged at the closest pawn shop is what stands before you and the piss-soaked streets of hopelessness.

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