This Frat Just Changed The Lives Of A Homeless Family Forever, And We Need More Stories Like This

The Iota Phi Theta brothers of Kean University in New Jersey just changed the lives of one homeless family forever by buying them a plot of land in Newark, and setting up a crowd fund to have a house built on that land.

It only cost $1,000 for the Iota Phi Theta brothers to secure the plot of land, a sum of money that to many people isn’t ‘change your life forever’ kind of cash, but to the homeless family on the receiving end this act of generosity might be enough to help them get back on their feet.

From New Jersey News 12:

A group of Kean University fraternity members are doing their part to help a family in need.
The members of Iota Phi Theta bought a plot of land in Newark for $1,000. The city ran a special program on Valentine’s Day, selling couples empty lots for a cheap price if they agreed to build on the land and live there for five years.
The city allowed the fraternity to buy the land because the students will be allowing a homeless family to live there, free of charge. That family is currently living in a shelter.
“I see a chance to change someone’s life,” says senior Tosin Oduwole.
The hope is to break ground on their lot by April and have the family move into the new home by the summer.
“We want to teach that to new people soon to join [the fraternity], that we continually and forever will do what we can to give back to our community,” Oduwole says. “I want to be 60 years old and this initiative our organization is doing is still happening.”

The costs of building a home for the family to live in on the plot of land is estimated to be around $100,000, and a GoFundMe has been set up by the fraternity to get that home built.

Now THIS is the kind of community outreach and goodwill stories we should be seeing in the new regarding fraternities. The media jumps on every scandalous frat story whether or not it’s true, but stories about fraternities making a difference in the community rarely sees the light of day. We REALLY need a paradigm shift here to one that shows just how much good these fraternal organizations do that goes unnoticed.

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