Are These Hazing Stories Proof That The Establishment Is Winning And Frats Are Becoming Lame?

Earlier this afternoon I stumbled upon a thread titled ‘Tell Me Your Best Hazing Stories???’ and I clicked expecting to find some raunchy stories, stories detailing the sorts of things I knew when I was in college. Those stories involved things like the following: on ‘big brother night’ when a pledge would be assigned his big bro that pledge would have endured several hours of hazing in a steamy hot closet, this would happen to the point of dehydration. When the hazing was over the pledge would be handed a pitcher of beer to chug, only that pitcher was usually 50% beer and 50% urine, but the pledge was so thirsty he just straight up chugged it.

The stories in the thread I stumbled on over on r/frat are NOT that type of story, these stories are so tame I’m beginning to wonder if the establishment has won, if everyone’s a P.C. bro, and if the Social Justice Warriors of America have officially won their war. And I 100% grasp the fact that these are tongue-in-cheek, but it’s a sad day when a bunch of anonymous internet commenters can’t even share their best/worst. Here’s what the bros over at r/frat had to say about their worst hazing experiences… If you can top these stories (and I think you can) I want you to CLICK HERE to fill out our anonymous tip line and tell me your best/worst, I’ll compile them here tomorrow!


One time, we made all of our pledges study the history of the chapter, and if they didn’t know it when they got tested, they couldn’t get initiated. Brutal shit.


This one time I made a pledge do a pushup. Granted, we were at the gym and we were lifting partners, but it’s all relative.


One time, we made our pledges go to our fraternity’s national conference. Little fuckers had to watch a group of 40+ year old men hand each other awards and talk about abstaining from alcohol. And they had to pay $400 to do it! It was the worst hazing I’d ever seen


I once shot my little with a paintball gun.
Disregard the fact that we play paintball together all the time, we’re on the same team, and it was at practice. It was totally gnarly.


I heard SAE on my campus wanted to punish the rushees. So they initiated them the next day.


One time, the brothers brought pizza to one of the pledge meetings but instead of it being hot, it was only barely warm; that sure showed those dirty pledges.


This one time we asked a pledge to recite our creed


One time we made our pledges attend study hours so they could live up to our mission which is, in part, “the encouragement of good scholarship.”
We were suspended the very next day.
Hazing. Not even once.


We put our pledges through a brutal period filled with humiliating activities, like studying fundraising and socializing with the opposite sex.
Then, we made them tell their parents about it.


One time, our fraternity made all the pledges eat New York strip steaks, but they were all cooked medium well. It was really disgusting.

You bros get the point, nobody’s willing to tell other nameless/faceless people on Reddit their genuine hazing stories. but I know you bros can top these, and have some stuff you’d love to get off your chest. That’s why I’m inviting each and every one of you to CLICK HERE and tell us you story by filling out our anonymous ‘TIP OFF’ form. If they’re good enough I’ll share them here later this week!