‘Greekdex’ Is Primed to Become the Next Huge Social Network for Fraternity and Sorority Life

Anthony Diepenbrock, a Junior in UPenn's Zeta Psi chapter, has partnered with childhood friend and Cornell Senior Charles Moyes (a Delta Tau Delta Brother) to create Greekdex, which Diepenbrock described to us as “a social network for greeks where users can browse house directories, listen to each house's Spotify playlists, and post anonymous gossip on the “Banter Board.” In other words, a site that appears to be every single popular collegiate-based social website of the last decade or so, fused all into one with a sole focus on Greek Life. 



As of yesterday, the service had populated 45 house directories of 3,200 Greeks at UPenn in only 10 days. Furthermore the whiz-kidness in the whole operation is rather impressive. In an email, Diepenbrock explained how the sign up process is rather painless and intelligent. “We've developed an algorithm that identifies all the members in a given user's fraternity or sorority. So, when the first user signs up for a given house, we populate the house directory automatically.” 

Meaning, stuff is done for you in a pretty cool, interactive way, one which has contributed heavily to the site's explosiveness.

Given that the site is just getting its feet wet, Diepenbrock isn't necessarily going for “Facebook for Greek Life” and/or Juicy Campus comparisons. And while they're obviously going to be there, this is a service that's in a truly unique position to improve and alter the way Greek life functions. 

Information, music, gossip, and dope experiences. In addition to Penn, Greekdex has added Vanderbilt, USC, Cornell, Dartmouth, SMU, FSU, Dartmouth, Syracuse, and UW. We'll certainly have more on this as it continues to grow.