This Guy Paid His College Tuition in $1 Bills

Mughal said he spends his weekends working to pay for college — after a week of 12-hour days studying electrical engineering. Even though the 21-year-old gets a discount because his father is a member of the faculty, the cost of tuition plus fees, books and living expenses is crushing.

“By no means am I the saddest story on campus. There’s a lot of people here just as bad and probably worse,” he said. “The people making the prices are not actually aware of how hard it is on the students.”


Wa-wa-wait: Mughal is a professor's kid who only pays 2 grand a semester in tuition? And he felt that justified making the little old lady in the tuition office count out 2,000 dollar bills? I loath and love college Che Gueveras. So much passion, so little direction.