Harvard Bros Prank Yale Again, Get Students To Join Protest Against The Over-Funding Of Yale’s Football Team

Last year, we posted a video of Harvard students who went to Yale and gave prospective students fake, and very shitty, tours of the campus. The video went viral. Not old-ladies-smoking-weed kind of viral, but it circled the earth a few times. I’m sure of it.

This year, those same Harvard students went back to Yale, posed as Yale-ites (new name I’ve just given to Yale students) and tried to start an uprising over how much funding Yale’s shitty football team receives. The prank, in my opinion, was not as successful as the stunt they pulled in 2013. They ruined those high school kids’ entire trip, filling them with misinformation about the school. This year’s prank didn’t deliver on that level. But that’s just, like, my opinion and shit.