OU Students Start #HelpHoward GoFundMe Campaign To Raise Money For SAE’s Unemployed Cook

Everything about the racist SAE video scandal at the University of Oklahoma is ugly. The fact that racism reared its ignorant, grotesque head in Norman in 2015 is sad and awful and sickening. I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re happy to see the OU community take such a strong, swift stand against such awfulness.

No one is shedding tears over the disbanding of SAE at the University of Oklahoma. Maybe a couple of brothers in the fraternity who are pissed they got caught, but fuck them. They made their bed and they can lay in it.

The frat’s closure, however, means that the house’s long-time cook, Howard, is now out of a job. Losing your employment is one thing, but I can’t imagine the emotional pain this man felt when he heard that the very people he was cooking meals for were acting like white supremacists at a Klan rally when he wasn’t around. It’s a brutal double-blow. When you put yourself in his shoes, you really have to feel for the guy.

An OU student — presumably associated with the house — has started an GoFundMe campaign to make sure Howard lands on his feet, since clearly the man deserves better. It’s already raised over $16,000 in a few hours and still has a month to go. It looks like the OU community is showing their support for Howard with their wallets:

“For the guy who has probably spent more hours at 730 College than any other man.”

Today we received the news that some ignorant kids have quickly destroyed something that thousands of men built. Because of these kids’ actions, many will be affected. None more so than Howard.

Those of you who lived in the house, undoubtedly came to love Howard and his infectious smile (if not his chili dogs). He was always there to chat with you and more importantly, to take care of Mom B.

Well, that man is going to walk up to the SAE house tomorrow morning and hear that he no longer has a job. He is going to learn who has been working for. And through some cruel twist of fate, he has to lose the job that he has held for over a decade. He is going to lose his job because of a bus full of racist kids.

You know and I know that this isn’t the house we lived in. I’m positive Howard knows this too. I ask you to give some money to make sure he lands on his feet.

Thank you.

The late, great Kurt Vonnegut once said that saints are “people behaving decently in an indecent society.” I think that quote applies here. Stand-up move in an awful situation.

Hope Howard ends up on his feet with a great job working with and for people who show the dignity, basic human compassion, and respect he deserves. Check out the campaign here.

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