What Could Possibly Go Wrong When a Hockey Team Hosts ‘College Night’ Complete with Beer Chugging?

The CHL's Rapid City Rush hosted a “college night” that included beer chugging. Things got puke-y! According to the Rapid City Journal:

In front of a nearly sold-out crowd of more than 5,000 fans, a two-person team from both the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and Black Hills State University were chosen to be a part of a relay game.

The relay was deemed the “College Olympics” by the Rush as part of the annual college night promotion where students get two-for-one tickets.

During a race that included running on the ice, riding on a cooler and spinning around a hockey stick, each of the male students chugged four beers. One student vomited twice and the other male student vomited once, according to spectators. A photo shows one student hunched over with an obvious steady stream of vomit pouring from his mouth.


Now the citizens of Rapid City, South Dakota have their panties in a twist:

In fact, Rapid City Rush General Manager Tim Hill said he had been fielding phone calls from upset fans and apologized to all.

“It was meant to be fun, but it went completely wrong,” said Hill. “I apologize on behalf the organization. Obviously it was in poor taste. The intermission game was not appropriate, and it's just something we will never do again.”

Another fan, Kelly M. Crooks from Spearfish, questioned whether the two young men were old enough to drink and said he worried about the influence on his two young children, ages 14 and 10, who were with him.

“I was worried about that and the fact that they were representing the two schools,” said Crooks. “I think it gave the wrong impression. I know that a lot of college kids drink. I just think it was the wrong time and the wrong place for that contest.”


And then there's this guy:

But Stevie Masen, a Rush season ticket holder and host at Classic Rock 100.3 the FOX, had a different perspective and used the situation as a teachable moment for her 7-year-old son.

“We told him that is why only grown-ups can drink alcohol, because you have to be smart about it,” said Masen. “Hopefully in 10 years when he goes to college, he will remember that.”


To be fair, this is probably the most exciting thing to ever happen to the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and Black Hills State University. But puking after four beers? That's weaksaucebrah.

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