This Sorority Girl Broomball Tournament At Indiana University Looks L-I-T And Raises Money For A Great Cause

I’m about to type a sentence I never thought I’d type in my life: This broomball tournament looks LIT. Capital “L” LIT. Apparently a bunch of sororities at Indiana University do an annual Broomball tournament to raise money for a great cause. This year’s tournament raised over $10,000 for an effort called “Dropping The Puck On Cancer” — via the IU student paper:

As part of a six-event philanthropy, Dropping the Puck on Cancer is a Greek wide cause. Prior to the series of hockey games to be played by the men’s fraternities, Broomball allows the sororities to participate in dynamic team bonding against one another with a shared goal, the elimination and research of cancer. Committees are put in place to help coordinate the events, and the logistics committee is responsible for maintain a smooth running Broomball tournament through the meet and greet, refereeing, and ticket promotion.

Committee member Jack McGeehan says, “It’s like the Christmas of philanthropies. Everyone gets excited when it comes around, and all the hype just helps make it fun for everyone while helping a good cause.”

Beta Theta Pi and Sigma Chi originally started Dropping the Puck on Cancer in 2013 and has now added eight other fraternities to the now campus wide philanthropy. Each year, a series of two tournaments are put on: broomball and hockey. Girls from different sororities are encouraged to build teams of ten with coaches from one of the ten fraternities participating. These teams then compete against one another in the broomball tournament until a winner is found. This year Phi Mu’s team was able to come out on top of the tournament in first place. In the weeks following, each of the ten fraternities will play one another in a hockey game. Both events aim to draw in friends to raise money for cancer research while getting to bond over friendly team competition.

Hell yea. The video from College Weekly is off the chains.

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