An Interview With The Founders Of Campus Job, The Site That’s Gonna Get You College Kids Your Next Job

Campus Job

Back in late November, I met Liz and JJ (seen above) and they happened to tell me about an awesome website of theirs. The two of them knew how hard it was for college students to find jobs, and they wanted to make the process much easier. How could they help connect the country’s best students with nation’s top employers, all on a site where you could apply for any job with the click of a button?

Enter, which is where I would go if I were a kid in school right now looking for work (you kids have it so easy these days).

It sounded so cool, and Liz and JJ were such awesome folks, that I thought you college readers of ours would love to hear from them. So I sat down with them and they told me all about Campus Jobs. Give their interview a read, then get thyself to and get employed. You’ve earned it.

Plus, today, they just launched their Summer Internship program, with opportunities at companies like Harry’s, Handy, Banyan Investment Bank and who WhoWhatWear.

So like I said, check ’em out.

1. What is Campus Job?

Campus Job is a two-way marketplace for college students to find part-time jobs and internships during school, and for employers to find students to hire for part-time work / internships.

2. So this just isn’t about jobs at the dining center at my school?

Absolutely not! We’ve got everything from being a brand ambassador for a beer company, to selling Microsoft software, to scooping gelato, to investing at a venture capital firm. Any part-time job or internship that you can think of.  We do think it’s important to vet and curate each listing to make sure it’s part time and within a reasonable distance from campus, but other than that we don’t have a lot of restrictions.

3. What companies work with you?

We work with everyone from Fortune 500s to startups to NGOs to families looking for a babysitter. Any sort of part-time job that a student could have in college can often be found on our site, even a few on the eccentric side. Sex toy salesperson? Yep. Beer company ambassador? Got that too. Racetrack flag-waver? Of course!

4. Do you have any success stories? Something you can point to that’ll make me want to use you?

We often hear insane stories about students who had never considered trying out a job in a certain industry (like a biomed student trying out a marketing role), and then they try it out, and realize that they want to change their major and career path entirely. It’s really inspiring, actually.

5. So, let’s cut to the chase. How are you going to find me, a college kid, a job?

Super simple. Go to, sign up, and create a profile. Make sure you fill out your entire profile, or businesses likely won’t notice you among the swarm of other students who have uploaded their photos and filled out their full profiles. Once you do that, you’ll be able to see all part-time jobs and internships offered to students at your school. The beauty of Campus Job is that it’s like the Common App, but instead of applying for colleges, you’re applying for jobs. Many jobs require you to just click one button, and your information will be submitted. Other jobs require a short paragraph essay, as well. Also, students can opt to have their qualifications added to a database that businesses can review, and if an employer sees your profile and thinks you’re the right fit for the job, he can actually invite you to apply. Now aren’t YOU special?!

6. Can I post jobs? Like what if I need help on a project?

We’re very careful about who can post jobs. For example, if a college senior claims he’s looking for someone to rub his feet and spoon-feed him, we’ll likely not approve of it. However, if a student is looking for a math tutor ahead of his upcoming exam, we’ll approve of it. Overall, our goal is to have as many options as humanly possible while still looking out for the students – we even used the site ourselves to hire the team that made our brand video!

7. Why did you start Campus Job?

We had both worked on a side project that was related to Campus Job back when we were in college. After graduating from school, we saw the side project really take off. The notion that we were on to something made us realize that we should leave our full-time jobs (Liz at Google and JJ at McKinsey) to start something that could be big. So, we shut down the side project and used the inspiration from it to launch Campus Job.

8. What’s makes you different than any other service out there, like, say Craigslist?

All the jobs on our site are geared specifically toward college students, so you won’t find full-time jobs during the school year, nor will you have employers expecting you to work unreasonable hours. In fact, every job that gets submitted has to go through our internal review team (which includes many recent college grads), who can be very selective if they need to be. We just want to ensure we’re not wasting students’ time by showing them jobs that they’d never be interested in.

9. Okay, this sounds great. What’s the catch?

No catch! The site is totally free for students.

10. Awesome. How do I start?

Just go to and voila – sign up for free. No strings attached.