Did IUP Just Throw the Most Ratchet College St. Patrick’s Day Party In the Country?

IUP —  Indiana University of Pennsylvania — is one of those state school’s you’re probably only familiar with if you’re from Pennsylvania/New Jersey/West Virginia/Western Maryland. Though it is small, it has a reputation in the Keystone State for being turnt-as-hell, throwing down just as hard as it’s inter-state party school rivals: West Chester University and Bloomsberg U. Yesterday was the school’s IUPattys celebration and — as what happens when college kids drink all day — things got predictable off-the-rocker. By the looks of it, the party looks 9x crazier than the UMass Blanery Blowout that resulted in over 70 arrests. Hell, it was probably crazier than whatever those Mountaineers in WVU are planning for St. Pattys, mainly because it looks like it escalated in what looks like an old-fashion college riot, with kids running around in the street like nutjobs.

Could this St. Patty’s day blowout just might be more ratchet than the University of Dayton’s St. Patty’s Day riots last year. Check out the pics + media below:

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Here’s a news report about the party:


And here’s a raw video from an IUP student:

And, of course, pictures!




I think this pic might be my favorite: