Jimmy Tatro Announces He’s Going to Be in ‘Total Frat Movie’

TFM has announced the next organic step in their evolution: “Total Frat Movie,” an epic fraternity comedy slated to begin filming this Fall.

The bros at TFM are aiming to create the greatest fraternity movie ever. The goal is to shame Animal House with its realistic depiction of Greek Life antics. Here's the thing: They're doing it completely independently, outside the confines of the traditional Hollywood studio system. Why? Well, you’ve seen Hollywood’s version of fraternity movies for the last 25 years. They're generally lame and don’t ring true. TFM doesn't want Hollywood execs to ruin the film, a cause we can all believe in. In other words, “Total Frat Movie” will be a frat star's version of fraternity life, embracing the ultimate vision of the TFM book and website.

To raise money for the film's production, they've set up an IndieGoGo campaign that's already raised over $50,000, a minimum budget for 15-days of filming. According to their estimates, it's going to take raising enough money for 25-30 days of filming (makin' movies ain't cheap, after all). Here's the best part: Everyone who makes a contribution to the TFM campaign will receive a perk, including the opportunity to name a character in the movie or having composite photos of your fraternity chapter in the film's end credits.

So what the hell are you waiting for, pledge? Let's get the movie made!

Click to support the Total Frat Movie at IndieGoGo