JMU Frat Made A Rush Guide That Gives Pledges The Dorm Numbers Of School’s Hottest Freshman

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I went to college about a hundred miles south of James Madison University and I gotta say, this does not surprise me one bit. Us, at Virginia Tech, whenever we visited, we almost always appalled. That school was so focused on how hot its girls were, and how to get them back to bedrooms. Every time, we only heard let’s find the hotties, need to fuck the hotties ad nauseam. It was a singular obsession among guys there, way more so than at any other school, which sounds pretty implausible, but I assure is not. I have no idea how any woman survived that gauntlet.

Seven years later, it seems to be exactly the same.

Today, Gawker got tipped to a rush guide the Bros of Phi Gamma Delta made. We’re only a month or so into the semester, and that frat already has the dorm numbers of the “hottest” new girls at school, and is demanding pledge Bros bring them to parties.

Because what’s a party without some hot, young, freshman tang, Bros? BROS. It’s called a party, not a gay dude fest with dudes.

From the letter:

I have written a list of hot girls and their suite/room [numbers]. Now, this is a little creepy thing to do but necessary, so let’s keep this low key. You mus travel together to all of the suites on this list and invite these girls to parties. You are to introduce yourselves, build rapport (if you don’t know what that is look it up you degenerates), invite them (their whole suite) to the party of the respective night, and tell them to come up to your suite around 9pm to pregame. Don’t forget to get their phone #’s. Now, I’m praying you guys brought liquor or something that allows you to pregame.

You have that partially right, dude. It is creepy, but it is not necessary. You can see the whole letter on Gawker. Attached to it was indeed a list of “11 female names and room numbers, along with a 1-10 ranking for each, under the heading ‘[Dorm] Hotties.’ ”

It also includes some advice to not wear socks with Sperrys. Which if you were doing that, you probably weren’t getting let into the hot girls’ suites even if you know where they were.

Anyway, evergreen reminder, college Bros: Don’t do things like this.

[Via Gawker]