Recommendation Letter Praising John Nash To Princeton Grad Program Is The Written Version Of A Mic Drop

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Nobel Laureates Beijing Forum 2005

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John Nash,winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics and the focus of the film A Beautiful Mind, died tragically last month in a crash on the New Jersey Turnpike. Nash’s contributions in the field of mathematics, and his legacy, will live on forever.

Since his passing, pieces of Nash’s life and work have been released online. This weekend, a letter of recommendation written by mathematician Richard J. Duffin, a member of the mathematics department at the Carnegie Institute of Technology, was posted to the Princeton University Facebook page it is amazing. Being accepted into the graduate programs at Princeton isn’t easy but this letter pretty much nails on the head why Princeton should consider the possibly too young Nash. Actually, it doesn’t just nail, it smashes the nail and splits the board in half.

“He is a mathematical genius.” and then he fucking drops the mic. I don’t think they had mics back then. Well, I don’t think they held mics when typing letters.Hopefully Duffin dropped typewriter. But then it break. Hopefully he dropped SOMETHING. Maybe he blew on his fingers like he was blowing on the barrel of a hot pistol.

“He is a mathematical genius.” BANG! BANG! [blows on pistol fingers]


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