Larry David’s College-Age Daughter Has An Instagram Account And It’s Pretty, Pretty Good

Larry David is one of the funniest personalities in showbiz. His Bernie Sanders impression on SNL this past week was gold, Jerry. GOLD! And you probably didn’t realize that the Curb Your Enthusiasm star has a millennial age daughter who recently graduated from college. Our blog brothers in arms over at UPROXX made that discovery last week when they introduced Cazzie David’s Instagram to the world.

Cazzie is one of David’s two daughters with his ex-wife Laurie Lennard. She’s a 21-year-old senior at Emerson College. UPROXX points out that she was on Miley Cyrus’s show Hannah Montana a few years ago. Hollywood kids!

Look… Larry David is the ultimate “this guy reminds me of my dad” comedian. So Cazzie’s Instagram is a pretty fun look at what it’s like to REALLY have the Seinfeld creator as an old man:

Larry David making his adult daughter tour every single civil war battlefield is the most Larry David dad thing ever:

And there’s lots of pics of just her and her friends chillin’, doing the things that 21-year-old girls do:

Two words about these lovely spreads: Seinfeld money.

Stay cool, Cazzie.