Girl Forced To Resign From Sorority For Literally The Stupidest Reason Ever

Lauren Forsythe, 19, resigned from her sorority Phi Mu at Belmont University because if she didn’t she was probably going to get kicked out for posting an Instagram photo.

Now you’re thinking that this must have been one awesome Instagram photo to basically get her kicked out of her sorority, right? That’s where it gets so laughable.

The photo she posted was of herself wearing one of those “nipple” bikini tops that I bet most of you have seen online or in person this summer. FYI, and I didn’t know this, they’re called TaTa Tops.

Here’s the salacious photo in question…

She told that the Phi Mu Fraternity’s Theta chapter gave her three options after they discovered the above photo on her personal Instagram account. “I could take the photo down, resign voluntarily, or go through the process over the next couple of months and be dropped,” she said.

“If I stayed in the sorority and didn’t take it down, we would be in trouble with Panhellenic at our school and also with Nationals,” she explained. “I’m not looking to get my sorority in trouble with the school and make them pay all these hefty fines, so I figured I would just save them the process and just drop out myself.”

Forsythe also told People that one of the reasons she purchased the top was because “the company behind it donates $5 from every $28 top sold to various charities benefiting women’s health issues.” Plus, she is a full supporter of the Free the Nipple movement.

Phi Mu’s national headquarters sent Cosmopolitan a letter stating in part, “When Lauren was a member of the Theta Chapter, the Chapter President asked Lauren to remove a photo from Instagram because it appeared in the photo that Lauren was topless. As a (then) member of Phi Mu, Lauren was held to the same expectations of all collegiate members in representing their chapter and the organization, including, from the Phi Mu Fraternity Policy on Human Dignity/Noble Womanhood: ‘Members should emulate the highest standards of conduct at all times.'”

So lame.

H/T Cosmopolitan, People; Disbelief image by Shutterstock