Surprise Surprise, The Dunk Mac And Cheese Uconn Kid Has Been Reportedly Expelled From Uconn

Yesterday we brought you the story of Luke Gatti, a 19-year-old student at the University of Connecticut who threw a literal shit fit over the fact that he couldn’t get “some fucking bacon jalapeno mac and cheese” from the student union. Unfortunately for Gatti, his meltdown was filmed and, of course, posted online where it quickly went viral.

You’d think that Gatti would just have to lay low and wait for the storm to pass before resuming his day-to-day life – this was not the case, as Gatti has been expelled. While UConn will not comment on student records, Death and Taxes has noted the multitude of students who have been tweeting about it…:



…and Barstool Sports gathered several Snapchats from the UConn campus which supposedly show Gatti moving out of his dorm:

While what Gatti did was disgusting, embarrassing, repulsive, immature – the list goes on, basically – I don’t think the kid should be vilified ad infinitum for something stupid he did when he was 19. Imagine having to apply to new colleges after a shitstorm like this goes down. The kid is screwed, even if in a few years he matures and becomes the next Pope. Best case scenario? He opens up his own mac and cheese restaurant and profits off the irony. Worst case?

…well, what’s worse than what he’s stuck with right now?

[H/T Barstool Sports & Death And Taxes]