Matthew McConaughey’s Next Role Is A College Professor…Like An Actual, Real-Life Tenured Faculty Member

It seems Matthew McConaughey is set to take a bit of a hiatus from acting, at least for the next semester or so.

The Academy Award winner is reportedly set to teach a film class at his much-adored alma mater, and it’s hard to imagine seats in the lecture hall won’t be packed to the brim every time the movie star fires up the ol’ Powerpoint. It’s a damn shame it sounds like the class is only open to 30 students, and you have to imagine the competition for a spot is pretty stiff.

The University of Texas at Austin made the announcement of McConaughey joining the faculty this morning on their social media feeds, and safe to say UT students are amped about the alumnus returning to campus.

Bro, I’d legit go back to school to hear McConaughey talk about film. And to, you know, hope to snag a drink with him at the campus pub.

Cue the, “Duhhh you actually went to college in the first place!? LOLHAHAHA” jokes.

[h/t TFM]