Mizzou Professor Who Called For ‘Muscle’ While Intimidating A Reporter Has Officially Been Charged With Assault

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Back in November, free speech-hating University of Missouri Communications Professor Melissa Click kicked the proverbial beehive when she tried to keep a student reporter from a “no media safe space” during a protest. Click is the professor who famously asked for “muscle” while intimidating a student journalist.

The fact that a professor of communication at a public college would try to infringe on a reporter’s first amendment rights to cover a story on public property pissed a lot of people off. Since then, over 100 lawmakers have demanded Click be fired from the university. The Missouri School of Journalism was quick to issue a statement scoring her actions during the protest. Today she was charged for third-degree misdemeanor assault for that particular incident:

Meanwhile, the University’s faculty has circled the wagons and is continuing to support her, releasing this statement last month:

We believe that Click has been wronged in the media by those who have attacked her personally and have called for her dismissal. We affirm our support of her as a colleague, a teacher, and a scholar, and we call upon the University to defend her first amendment rights of protest and her freedom to act as a private citizen.

The feeling isn’t mutual for Columbia State Representative Caleb Jones, however. After the charges were announced, he told ABC17 “while the University of Missouri seems to have no accountability the judicial system in Missouri does.”

Damn, Mizzou. You just got BURNED by THE JUSTICE SYSTEM.

Here’s the video of the incident from back in November.

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