Mexico Spring Break Fight Starts With A Sucker Punch Straight To The Face And Ends In An All-Out Brawl (VIDEO)

I don’t know what’s worse, watching a bunch of idiots fight each other over nothing when they’re supposed to be drinking on the beach and lounging in the sunshine, or watching a bunch of idiots jump in and start hopping around like coked-up chickens wanting to throw a few punches themselves.

But then again what do I know – maybe spring break is all about fighting! Maybe we’re supposed to start brawls in the street and go home with black eyes! Maybe my college spring breaks were wasted on lil’ ole me, who’s never gotten into a single fight in her life and only spend her spring breaks getting hammered off cheap rail drinks.

For some reason – and correct me if I’m wrong here – I don’t think I wasted my spring breaks. I think these people are just stupid idiots looking for an excuse to spend a night in Mexican jail, which from what I’m told, is not very much fun.

PS. Fuck you Dylan.