Michigan State Bros Make Epic Remake of 98 Degrees Poster

A bunch of Michigan State Bros embarked on their annual trip Up North this weekend, but not before remembering to pack their best Boy Band Whites.

The crew decided to re-make this iconic 98 Degrees poster, which was responsible for the sexual awakening of roughly half the women in my age group.

Brandon Sullivan, the visionary behind the steamy picture explains why it was of paramount importance to add this bit of art to the cultural zeitgeist.

My buddies and I all headed up north for our annual trip this past weekend. 

I came across the pic online somehow and laughed picturing me and my boys remaking it. So remaking this pic has been a vision of mine for about a year now. So I told the boys a couple weeks ago. Channel your inner boy band, get your white shit, it’s going down. They were in. Items purchased varied from your classic Kangol hat, to a white fishnet tank.

And why? Good question, like many things in my life, my parents questioned me too. I’m never one for being serious so I thought this would get some good laughs. My boys were in on it and we wanted to forever change the Bro pic game. It’s been blowing up on the social networks. Based on our feedback so far, I think we’ve nailed it. We even tagged Nick Lachey on Instagram, but to our dismay, he has shown no love. (That was your called out Nick).

 Today we seek change. Today we seek to inspire. Today we set down the selfie and change the Bro pic game forever.

This fine work moved me deeply as a Michigan State alum. Hell, it made me as proud as our surprising Rose Bowl-winning football campaign.

But we all know Spartans don’t give up until the job is done. That’s why I’m calling on everyone with green-and-white blood to put their weight behind these Bros’ efforts to get Nick Lachey to like this photo on Instagram.

It’s a noble cause and, together, I believe we can do it.