A Frat Bro Engineer at MIT Built a SICK Dunk-Proof Beer Pong Table

by 5 years ago

Over the last few weeks I’ve been showing off some of the incredible beer pong tables that BroBible readers have been e-mailing to us. Previously: This Penn State pong table with screens, this Natty Light tribute table, and this amazing American flag hardwood table. This one from a Phi Beta Epsilon brother at MIT was sent to BroBible a long time ago, but I think it’s worth featuring as part of our continued beer pong table series. It’s called “The Formidable Beer Pong Table,” a project by Outsmarting Technologies, an invention company founded by a Mechanical Engineer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Thanks to some solid frame construction, it has the distinction of being “dunk”-proof, along with a solid set of noteworth features, including:

  • Dual Automatic Ball Washers
  • Gutter Collection system on side to collect run off from table
  • Illuminated Lettering and under table illumination
  • Six lockable casters making table easily moved by one person
  • Fully supported frame capable of withstanding impact of a 215 lbs individual
  • Surface oak stained with beautiful waterproofing sealant covered with polyurethane


Oooo… Look. It glows:

If you’re interested in building something similar as a DIY project, check out this MIT Bro’s website.

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