Watch A Notre Dame Student Recreate Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ Video On Campus Wearing A Hot Pink Tutu And NO ONE Even Blinks

Walking through a college campus is a lesson in selective listening and watching. If you were to pay attention to every little thing out of the ordinary that ran up to your face and started dancing around you’d never make it to your classes, or at the very least you’d be perpetually late. I can’t tell you how many times random people walked up to me and asked me to sign dumb petitions like “Put more cheese on the pizzas in the dining halls!” Child, the pizza in the dining halls is fatty enough already and your greasy ass doesn’t need any more dairy products in its diet.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the kids at Notre Dame gave exactly zero shits about this kid running around in a hot pink tutu. To be fair, Henry Long (kid in the tutu) does a pretty decent job of recreating Sia’s “Chandelier”…but unfortunately it goes unnoticed on campus since he just blends in with all the weirdoes trying to nab your attention. Next time do it naked, THAT’LL turn some heads for sure.

[H/T MTV News]