How Ohio State Used Facebook and Reddit to Turn Against Its Campus’ Most Notorious Creeper

We were tipped off to Sean, which is a pseudonym, on Friday. He runs a website called “The Underground Player,” an advertiser-supported blog that almost reads like a parody of the shit you'd find among pick-up artist forums. He has videos on YouTube, too, including one grainy clip filmed in a bedroom called “How to Kiss a Girl and Show Dominance.” (There's no indication the girl knows the camera is there—a common accusation among my sources is that he films women without their consent.) Sean is not a student at OSU, but he purports to be a nightlife fixture. He has an active Facebook account, from which the above text message comes. And this is from his YouTube account:

Two weeks ago, Sean was the subject of a Reddit thread on R/OSU. Over the course of 384 comments, dozens of women accused him of systemic harassment. A user purporting to be Sean popped into the comments from time to time to call various naysayers “feminists” and “sluts.” He also pimped his website a lot. 

And then, things got wild: Last Friday, Sean took to OSU's Facebook page to express his displeasure with being kicked off campus. The discussion racked up hundreds of comments, and dozens more women shared how he had allegedly stalked them, grabbed them, and taken advantage of them while drunk. OSU guys, meanwhile, trolled the shit out of him. The thread, from which this small segment is taken, is unbelievable

Skipping ahead a bit, to the 13th sent screenshot from our tipster, is one guy who kind of gets to the point of it all. “All the poor women in grocery stores who cross his path and just want to buy groceries.”

Our last screenshot: “LongLiveTuckerMax.”

In addition to the 6,200 OSU Facebook members, Redditors once again took notice of Sean's activity. I emailed with one girl, “Jane,” who had posted on the original thread. Jane told me that Sean has now approached her on four separate occasions. Until this all blew up in such a public fashion, she and her friends “felt isolated by our encounters by him, thinking we were the only one who experienced this guy's harassing ways.” Now, though, she felt comfortable sharing stories of the dude who “seriously affected how [she] walks around my campus.” One approach, at an on-campus library, really pops out.

He grabbed my wrist, kissed my hand, and proceeded to babble off some of his “pick-up-lines”. I was taken aback, so I didn't immediately pull away. But as soon as he tried to stroke me hair (he was using the line, “Wow, you have such pretty hair!…”), I was immediately made uncomfortable. I insisted that I had to go somewhere, but he wouldn't let go. I kept insisting that I was in a hurry. He then began asking for my number and in response, I repeatedly told him I had a boyfriend. That fact did not phase him and he kept pushing and pushing. He wouldn't let go even when I started to physically walk away. Throughout this encounter after each time I declined to give him my number, he was getting visibly more agitated. I finally was able to twist my wrist free and sped away quickly. I was shaken and immediately called my boyfriend. During this whole ordeal, I remember thinking, why is NO ONE coming to help me.


Jane told me that, four months later, he tried to corner her into a fire exit, and she had to push past him. The Facebook and Reddit threads are littered with similar stories.

Today, I sent Sean a Facebook message. He responded immediately, and we exchanged emails—the gist of mine basically being “Explain this Facebook thread.” Here's what he wrote back: 

All will be revealed on my next blog post. It will be called: “The Real Story Behind One of the Biggest Playboys in Campus History: Sean Larson” … and yes it's a game. here's the deal: feminist cunts decided that they wanted to try and defame me by using such labels as “creep” and “weird”. well then bitches, if I'm gonna be notorious, I'm gonna be notorious for being a player whose track record is 48 lays so far. It wasn't my decision to be exposed. I was happy playing it covertly. But since I've been exposed, so be it. Let the hilarity and the exposing ensue, nigga.


(Sean is not black.)

Jane says that she and others have filed reports with OSU's campus police as late as two weeks ago. There have been no public safety warnings from the university, and Sean continues to write on OSU's Facebook page. (Unfortunately, when I called the police station, OSU's deputy in charge of media relations was out of the office until Thursday.)

It's a disgusting story. But there are silver linings. For one, when you dig into the Facebook thread, you see a vast cross-section of Ohio State life calling out this guy for unsolicited filming and sexual harassment. No one, really, is taking his side. The Buckeyes are sticking together.

And finally, while this is a clear-cut example of a pick-up artist getting out of hand, he's also… busted. He's using a pseudonym, but he's outed himself. His shit isn't going to last much longer. He created a dialogue among 6,000 people on Facebook. And he got no sympathy.

We'll update if anything new occurs.