Trump Supporter At Ohio State VIOLENTLY TACKLES An Anti-Trump Protestor In The Student Union

Anti-Trump protests are all the rage at college campuses around the country, who seem to have a hard time grappling with how the democratic process works. That said, protesting is protected under the First Amendment and — hey! — it’s America, so do whatever the hell you (legally) want with your free speech, kids.

One such protest against the Trump Train is currently going down at Ohio State this evening. Which leads us to this video — While rallying his fellow hipster protestors with war cries in Ohio State student Union, a Trump Supporter screams “YOU IDIOT” and does a flying jump on the stairs to tackle him. In an incredible sequence of events, this is followed by a Game of Thrones “Shame!” chant.


It’s probably the most aggressive tackle/spear you’ll see today.

He did this infront of multiple police officers, so he was immediately taken into custody. via OSU’s The Latern:

The man who tackled Joseph, who has not been identified, was arrested and placed under indefinite suspension from Ohio State, according to a statement from Undergraduate Student Government President Gerard Basalla, a fourth-year in political science and strategic communication. OSU did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Things are TENSE out there. Stay safe and sane, America.

[H/T: Birl]

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