Ohio University Bro Holds Up A ‘Free Gucci Mane’ Sign At School Protest

Ohio University a.k.a. the best party school in the United States has a bat problem. Specifically, a $1.2 million bat problem. The President’s on-campus residence apparently has bats living in it, which caused the President’s wife to trip and break her foot. Because of the incident, the OU’s President is vacating the official residence for a $1.2 million residence off-campus. The money is directly coming out of the university’s endowment budget at OU, pissing off many students and faculty.

This afternoon OU students threw a protest in-front of the President’s old house. Hundreds showed up, including one Bro who had a completely different agenda:

Gucci Mane is scheduled to be released from prison in December 2016. He is serving on charges for possessing firearms as a convicted felon, along with a laundry list of probation violations.

When he gets out of the clink, I hope his first show is in Athens.

Never change, OU.

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