Ole Miss Rushee Passed These Out To Brothers During Bid Week And Bros, If You’re Rushing DON’T DO THIS

To all you bros out there thinking about rushing a frat let this be a guide on ‘what not to do’ during Bid Week, because while this handout is pretty hilarious it’s funny for all the wrong reasons, and no active brother will ever take you serious if you pass these out. Seriously, do NOT do this during bid week if you’re rushing. Even if you’ve spent 10 days in Costa Rica and you are very intrigued by the financial markets I’m telling you straight up: it is not a good idea to pass these leaflets out to brothers during rush. Just don’t do it:

I know what you bros are thinking: every frat needs a pilot! Give this kid a bid immediately!!! He could be the ‘Brick’ of the fraternity AND he’s been to Europe!!! This kid would make THE PERFECT fraternity brother! But I also know that you’re only thinking that ironically, because anyone handing out a resumé during bid week to actives is someone who’s lived a ridiculously sheltered life and is likely not the brother you’re looking for in your frat. This is more an expression of how clueless freshmen can be sometimes than it is an expression of how lame that student is, but passing these out definitely cost him a bid this year.

This image was first shared over on Reddit in the ‘frat‘ subreddit, and from there I was able to deduce that this took place at Ole Miss, and the student passing out these papers to brothers during Bid Week did not in fact get a bid…But that last part was pretty obvious, wasn’t it?