Playboy Is Putting Out Their Party School Rankings, and They Want YOUR Expertise!

Playboy is putting together their annual rankings. And as always, they want students and alumni to send them wild stories and convincing pictures, all in the pursuit of helping your school make it to the top. Here's how you can get that done: 

  • For the next week, Playboy will have a Facebook album from modern and vintage college pictorials.
  • Students should like, share and comment with stories on the school they think should make the list, tagged #PlayboyPartySchool.
  • On Twitter, students can send @Playboy pictures, video and stories, tagged #PlayboyPartySchool.
  • On Instagram, students can upload pictures of their #PlayboyPartySchool for the chance to win a 1-year subscription to Playboy.

Sound good? If you do this, hot women will totally want to sleep with you more. Maybe. But regardless, get to work Bros.