UPDATE: Did The Patriots Party At A Harvard Final Club Last Night?

The Patriots are celebrating their dramatic Super Bowl win exactly how you’d expect them to: They’re trolling Seattle hard and drinking all of the beer in the Northeast. A BroBible reader hit us up this evening to tell us what happened after yesterday’s parade through Boston. Late last night a few members of the Patriots paid a visit to one of Harvard’s Final Clubs to rage with college kids at the prestigious Ivy League university. Finals Clubs are like Harvard’s fraternities, as you might recall from The Social Network. 

According to our tipster, the night ended with Danny Amendola accidentally breaking a girl’s arm after she challenged him to an arm-wrestling match. It sounds like a hell of a night, allegedly. Here’s the story, via our tipster. Note that we retracted some identifying information from the original e-mail:

Have you seen the social network? Doesn’t matter, but in it they mention the final club scene at Harvard… its actually pretty damn accurate.

Last night a bunch of Patriots players came to the [redacted Final Club] at Harvard. Some guy in the club knows some sports agent or his dad is some agent and every once in a while some athletes come by (…a few Bruins were there last weekend). Anyway, some people told me that the Patriots were coming by to party the night after their parade. Texted this girl I’m railing at BU, and she said every girl at her school was talking about it. Anyway, sometime around 2[AM] some Pats showed up. Saw photo evidence of Edelman and my friends in the club said Revis and Amendola showed up later.

Point is… some chick challenged Amendola to an arm wrestle and he cranked her so hard he LITERALLY broke her arm. I died laughing when I heard and I figured this kind of nonsense must be known on the internets. I don’t have proof other than an image this BU girl sent me that I will attach, as well as a snap photo of Edelman in the club. Apparently the players that came (also a few rookies I am told) brought a bunch of girls home, each.

Fuckin Patriots.

Here is the Snapchat screengrab attached:

MUST-WATCH UPDATE: We have obtained a video of Boston University (and Harvard girls) SCREAMING when Juliam Edelman lifts up his shirt for them. It is a MUST-WATCH:

If anyone has any more information, hit us up.

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of Edelman partying at Harvard, as sent to us by a reader:

UPDATE II: Here’s a pic from a tipster of “a meme that’s floating around BU today.”

UPDATE III: A reader just sent us this:

Soo you basically everything in this article was right (i was there last night as well). The party was invite only and the only girls that were allowed in were members of the BU [name redacted] sorority. The Pats wanted girls there so [name redacted, Harvard Finals Club] invited them. A lot of BU kids wanted to go but couldn’t. There was a strict guest list at the door and a lot of people tried to sneak in through some back way or windows.

UPDATE IV: A girl from Harvard wanted me to note, for the record, there were plenty of Harvard biddies there too, not just BU sorority girls. NOTED, ladies of Harvard (my b for ruffling feathers in the Boston college social scene turf war).

Probably doesn’t matter, but BU sorority girls weren’t the only girls on the list to get in last night. Though we typically prefer not to be at parties where the ratio is 1 Harvard girl to 7 BU girls, (or 1 girl in general to 8 Guys, but bless the [name redacted] for getting that ratio) there was still a decent amount of girls that actually attend the school where they were partying.

UPDATE: V: A reader from a girl in attendance who got some new phone numbers:

Yup, was at that party. I’ve got pics of Edelman, witnessed that girls arm get broken (didn’t even notice it was Amendola), got Michael Buchanan and Kyle Arrington’s number. Good times.

UPDATE VI, 2/6: Our friends over at Barstool Sports received a reader tip saying that Amendola wasn’t there, but perhaps our original tipster confused him with Edelman. So did Edelman break the girl’s arm? WE MUST KNOW THE ARM-WRESTLING STORY!

Hey Pres,

My girlfriend goes to Harvard and was at that party, I’ll attach some of the pics she sent me at the end of this to prove that. Amendola was not there. Edelman was the only white Pats player at that party. My girlfriend was there for a while and a couple of her friends were there all night, no chance Amendola showed up and broke a girl’s arm without them knowing.

Anyways, point is no chance Amendola was there. If any guy broke a girl’s arm it was Edelman and a stupid chick got them mixed up.



UPDATE VII, 2/6 3:30 PM: A reader sent us a tip that the guy from above is WRONG. It was Amendola, not Edelman, who broke the girl’s arm during a arm wrestling match. Apparently there’s a Snapchat story out there to prove it as evidence. We’ll post it when we it:

yes, amendola DID break that girls arm. I got a snapchat story in the morning in which they are actually arm wrestling. and it is amendola. he looks completely different from edelman just sayin.

No one goes harder than the Patriots.

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