Penn State Deadhead Has A Three-Game Winning Streak On ‘Jeopardy!’



Like millions and millions of Americans, Penn State graduate student Bill Cossen is a fan of the Grateful Dead. Cossen is currently on a tear on the Jeopardy!, winning $31,801 over the past two nights. Tonight he won again, extending his win streak.


Bet you thought he was a hippie burnout, didn’t you? Here he is explaining his love for the greatest band to ever exist:

As Jambase points out, Jeopardy has been speaking my musical langue this week:



jeop2 jeop1

If you’re reading this post because you, like me, really, really like the Grateful Dead, go listen to their Wake Up To Find Out official release from a Nassau Coliseum show with Branford Marsalis in 1990. It’s tremendous, beginning to end. The “Eyes of the World” — if you haven’t heard it before — will bring tears to your eyes.

Congrats Bill Cossen. This Jerry Garcia blues standard seems appropriate.

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