Watching Professors Read ‘Rate My Professors’ Reviews Shows How Little They Care About Your Opinion

You would think that when professors go onto Rate My Professors and read all the shitty reviews they have that it’d at least be a little demoralizing…but that clearly isn’t the case. Not only do most of the professors shit all over the lack of punctuation and grammar in the reviews (which is generally pretty awful, if we’re being honest here), but they also explain how most of the complaints are genuinely stupid.

The study guide for the exam is vague? Well duh, your teacher isn’t going to sit there and just give you the exam on a platter. An engineering teacher grades too hard? Considering that you could potentially be building bridges once you graduate, it’s probably better to get an F and flunk out of the engineering major than to pass with a C- and be responsible for a giant bridge collapse that kills 150 people  because you don’t know the difference between a foot and a meter.