How Much Raucous Partying Do You Think Goes On at ‘Monsters University?’

If you weren't aware, Pixar is coming out with a prequel to “Monsters Inc.” called “Monsters U” centered around Mike, Sully and the gang during their college days. (The big play here is that apparently, Mike and Sully weren't the best of friends, clearly due to some argument over a hot girl that turned out to be way too superficial for these goodhearted guys to truly stomach). Anyway, the “trailer” above is a funny play on current University commericals–one's where schools laughably narrate everything their 4 year vacation-land has to offer, whilst conveniently leaving out any mentions of keg stands, loose condoms strewn about dorm rooms, and days filled with wearing sweatpants, not going to class, and eating things with enormous amounts of ranch dressing. Would like to see this school as it REALLY is, so hopefully the internet will step up sometime soon. 

In the meantime, check out the school's website, in which tuition is conveniently not mentioned.