Be Jealous Of This Rice University Student Who Spent $500 To Transform His Dorm Room Into A Giant Ball Pit

When I lived in the campus dorms my bank account maxed out at around $250 because I was (read: am) awful with money and like to spend it on stupid crap like Domino’s pizza 3 nights a week and cab rides to parties because I’m lazy. For those of you out there who are like me, take a moment to punch yourself in the face and scream “IF I WASN’T SO FUCKING DUMB I COULD’VE SPENT MY MONEY ON TRANSFORMING MY ROOM INTO A BALL PIT.”

Did you do that? Good. Now let me tell you about what you’re missing out on.

David Nichol’s room looks more like a ball pit, like the ones you see at an arcade.
He says he spent $500 on about 13,000 colorful, plastic balls.

“A lot of people are like why but then you think about it for a second, wait, no that just sounds awesome,” said Nichol.


Nichol’s got an approach to life that takes some people years to figure out: when an opportunity pops up you don’t go with your gut reaction. Instead you sit there, think for a second, then say “wait, no that just sounds awesome.” Obviously this doesn’t apply if the opportunity in question involves having a stripper take a shit on your chest and then eating it off with a pair of chopsticks or anything else awful. Come on people, it’s a case-by-case basis here. Common sense is required.

However, as with anything good in life, certain rules and restrictions apply:

The student has rules printed on a list that’s taped to his doors.

“No food or drinks, if you make out you get out and no peeing.”


Another good approach to life. No peeing, ever.

Oh, and so far Rice University doesn’t give a shit about the ball pit and is letting Nichol keep it. Pour one out for Rice University, since it seems like it’s one of the last Universities out there that doesn’t have a stick up its ass about everything.