79-Year-Old SAE Fraternity House Mom Caught Using Racist Words In The House Back In 2013

The latest video in the awful SAE racism controversy at the University of Oklahoma shows 79-year-old house mom chanting the “N-word” back in 2013.

The Vine video was uncovered by the college’s student newspaper, The OU Daily, and shows the frat’s house mother, Beauton Gilbow, rapping the N-word several times while laughing.


The OU Daily identified Gilbow by comparing the 2013 Vine, which was filmed inside the SAE fraternity house, to Gilbow’s GoFundMe page, which was created to raise funds for her after the sudden closure of the SAE house which resulted in her losing her job and home at the same time.

Gilbow had recently talked to local news station, News9, about the racist video that led to the chapter’s closure, saying that she was “in shock” and “ashamed” by the actions of those in the fraternity.

H/T OUDaily

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