Sigma Alpha Mu At The University Of Southern California Hands Down Threw The Sickest Rave Of The Year

Not gonna lie, Sigma Alpha Mu’s “Electric Zoo” register looks sick. Not only did they have legit artists like Elephante and Prince Fox perform (as opposed to plugging an iPhone into a speaker and calling it a day), but look at the production value up there. Look at it. LOOK AT IT! Guys…that is some professional-level stage setup right there and this is from a college fraternity. Whoever organized this thing deserves at least 10 rounds of shots at the bar this coming weekend, because this shit looked like it was fucking lit.

And no, I’m not using “lit” ironically – I’m forreal blown away by every single aspect of this video. Even the girls are hot, which is saying something since usually you get one or the other: hot girls or a sick setup.

Kudos to Sammy for pulling off both.