Small Party schools not ranked?

​I know I might be getting ahead of myself here- but no one ever talks about small colleges being party schools. At my alma mater, we called our school a DIII school with DI fun. I ran track there. No football team. I don’t care because we got to watch a bad DI team (Lehigh) get beat all the time for free. We used to drink with all the Lehigh students. Plus, no football team at my school meant we got nice things. And I like nice things. 
My point is- when you see all these college rankings for best party schools you never see a small school. I understand that huge schools are most likely the best party schools. Okay, they are the best party schools. But I’ve been to these big schools and some of the parties sucked. I didn’t just go to a bad party…it was just terrible. I won’t mention the school name (American). What I’m getting at is that small schools (some) have more fun than big schools sometimes. 
I think there should be a rating of the top 25 party schools for small schools (DIII or II). I don’t think DI should be included because I don’t think smaller schools would make a good showing (at all). However, it might benefit those going to these smaller schools so that they might get a good education while going to a fun school. I went to a Catholic school where everyone was constantly drunk. There were loose morals all around. It was a fun school. We had a “moist” campus. Deemed dry from the university- but no one cared. 
I hope we can see a rating for best small party schools. It might help all those who attend competitive and overpriced small schools. At least to know where they have to best chance to get lit up and laid.