The Smartest Party Schools In The Country

According to the infographic scatterplot, the following schools earn top spots in the “most party friendly” and “most acacdemic friendly” quadrent. Screenshot of the top schools is above, via Buzzfeed:

1. University of Virginia

2. University of North Carolina

3. Colgate University

4. New York University

5. University of Illinois

6. University of Georgia

7. University of Florida

8. Tulane University

9. University of Colorado

10. University of Texas 

11. University of Miami

12. University of Wisconsin

13. Syracuse

14. University of California-Santa Barbara

15. Indiana University

16. Penn State University

17. Florida State University

18. Ohio State University

19. Rollins College

20. Rutgers University

Buzzfeed's criteria for ranking the party school aspect of their data-crunch is subject to speculation: After all, they just used Fiesta Frogs Top 100 ranking, not BroBible's Party School Index with actual points and criteria. Considering the amount of work and effort we put into making a quality party school ranking, I wish they would have used ours. But anyway…

Debate the results in the comments. 

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