South Park Totally Called The ATO Fraternity Stripper Oral Sex Scandal YEARS Ago

Good morning! While you were sawing logs last night, a huge fraternity “scandal” went viral at Indiana University, where ATO was suspended when a video leaked of what *appears* to be pledges having oral sex with strippers!

Like all great controversies, South Park totally called it. Specifically, Alpha Tau Omega fraternity having a scandal that involves strippers and/or prostitution at the fraternity. The scene comes from South Park season 13, episode 09 — Butters’ Bottom Bitch — which aired in October, 2009. You might recall that episode going viral at the time for Sergeant Yates paying a visit to ACORN on an undercover visit, which was all the rage in the media at the time.

This is pretty damn close to what was recored happening with the pledges in Bloomington, Indiana at the ATO House last night. Well, except the snitch was actually the idiot who filmed said oral sex and posted it on social media.


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