Roof Collapses During ‘St. Fratty’s Day’ Party At Cal Poly State — Students Partying On The Roof Get Wrecked

by 3 years ago

Twitter / DubVPartyCrew

At an off-campus ‘St. Fratty’s Day’ party last week in San Luis Obispo several thousand students from California Polytechnic State University were partying on the roof of a garage when the roof gave out. As the roof crumbled the Cal Poly State students partying on the garage were taken down, crashing to the ground, leaving one person’s ‘thigh impaled’ by rogue debris and up to seven other students treated for injuries.

This was a ‘St. Fratty’s Day’ college party, and that of course means that at any given time there’s at least once person SnapChatting the party, and that’s precisely how we ended up with this crazy ass footage of the garage’s roof imploding with the students standing on it:

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