Tau Kappa Epsilon At Arizona State Has A Sexy AF Rush Video For More Reasons Than One

Hey look at this sexy video! Yeah you, over there! Come watch this TKE recruitment video that also just happens to be sexy AF. What makes it sexy AF, you ask? Well for starters…

  • The background song did not give me cancer, unlike SOME recruitment videos
  • The chicks are hot, although that’s not impressive – if you have a herd of hams in your recruitment video your frat probably sucks (this is a bare minimum requirement we’re talking here).
  • There’s actually some solid aerial shots of…stuff. Like canyons and valleys and shit. The point is that it’s not just some shithead throwing his GoPro into the air and saying “there’s a view.”
  • No one died (always a plus!)
  • Dude look at this font:

That’s some sexy-ass font right there.

For all you boners who can’t get your recruitment videos up on any websites, THIS is the model to strive for. Could do with a few more hot chicks at parties, but again, this video didn’t give me cancer like the rest typically do. Gettin’ real sick of this chemo shit, not gonna lie.