Two College Girls Filmed A Lesbian Sex Scene In This University’s Library And The School Is NOT Happy About It

Kendra Sunderland is OG when it comes to filming pornographic material in school libraries, except when Kendra did it she was flying solo with a webcam. Apparently she’s got some competition though, as the two unnamed girls who filmed a lesbian sex scene in the library at Humboldt-University in Berlin seem to be the new talk of the “campus porn star” town. According to Metro, the video starts out with the two girls talking about their life as students at Humboldt-University, then proceed to take a trip to the library.

I hope you can tell where this is going.

The two young women had started off the short video talking about their life as students at the Humboldt-University in the German capital Berlin.

That includes a trip to the library with a talk about how they study and how it makes them tired, and they need something to wake them up

The two girls then head to the rows of books, and the documentary then turns into a pornographic film as the two are seen having sex together.(via)

The video has reportedly been uploaded to the Internet under the name “Naughty Library Fun” by Swiss porn firm “Ersties,” claiming that both girls in the scene are “genuine amateur actors” and that most of their footage is “filmed by women.”

However not everyone has happy to have “naughty fun” in the library, as university spokesman Hans-Christoph Keller has come forward to state that “We did not approve this filming and have made it clear that we don’t allow any filming to go ahead which is not approved. We are now looking about what legal action we can take against what happened.”

Looks like these girls’ academic careers (assuming they’re actually students at Humboldt) are over – not to worry though, as our girl Kendra Sunderland appears to be doing just fine for herself despite dropping out of Oregon State.

[H/T Metro, header image of Humboldt library via Imgur]