UCF Kappa Sigma’s ‘Key West Fest’ Raised Over $47,000 For The Troops AND Looked Like One Hell Of A Rager

We’ve all seen those frat party videos with college chicks twerking in thongs and guys guzzling beer faster than you can say “Natty Lite” – but what about the parties that get thrown to raise money for charity? Where are THOSE videos?

Enter UCF Kappa Sigma and their Key West Fest philanthropy rager:

UCF Kappa Sigma’s epic beach concert series continued with tremendous success in 2016, breaking the record once again for the most money ever raised by a Greek organization at UCF, with over $47,000 going towards the Military Heroes Campaign. This year headlined Illenium and Elephante, and Delta Delta Delta were crowned the ‘Queens of Key West Fest 2016.’

Not every frat party will be thrown for the purposes of raising money, but with all the bullshit that’s going on in the world of Greek life, it’s good to have a reminder that there certainly are people out there who join for more than just the parties and booze.