University of Georgia Fraternity Accused Of Forcing Pledges Into Trash Cans Filled With Ice Water

Today in bad frats: Delta Sigma Phi at the University of Georgia is being accused of hazing its pledges by forcing them into trash cans of ice water, where they would recite their fraternity’s history. The things people do for friends these days! Via Online Athens:

University officials suspended the fraternity, the Theta Chi chapter of the national Delta Sigma Phi organization, after an initial investigation of a tip alleging “credible claims of physical violence,” said Stan Jackson, a spokesman for UGA’s Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Police and UGA administrators began investigating after the mother of one of the fraternity’s 32 pledges called UGA officials anonymously, saying a pledge had been injured in an initiation ceremony.

UGA police interviewed the pledges as well as some fraternity officers, or at least tried.

“Most people are not willing to discuss it with the police department,” Williamson said.

One of the pledges had visible injuries, but said they were sustained in a fall, the police chief said.

Other pledges told police that they had been made to get into a trash can filled with ice water and recite fraternity history. The quicker they recited the history, the sooner they could get out of the water.

Well that sounds like a really dumb thing to do to someone. The core values of Delta Sigma Phi are Culture, Harmony, and Friendship. Glad that stuffing people in ice water is a way of achieving that! According to TFM, it’s because a pledge told his mom about the fraternity’s pledging activities. She then called the school. Via:

You may be wondering how the authorities were tipped off about this incident. In fact, some of you may have guessed. A pledge told his mom. Yeah, I know. Fucking pledges. He told his mom, his mom told the school, and you know how it went from there.

There a possibility that criminal charges may be filed, as the UGA police department recently submitted results of their investigation to a Clarke County Magistrate Judge. 

Thanks, Mom.

[H/T: Gawker]

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