University of Oregon Law Professor Fired For Physical Confrontation with Hipster Protesters

During our solidarity mock checkpoint/border check point, University of Oregon professor, James Olmsted, physically pushes two students after making very racists remarks to all of us. This was after we had asked him to calm down because he was making us feel intimidated. I was the one pushed to the side after I repeatedly told him that I was feeling uncomfortable and that he needed to take a step back and calm down.


Tough to like or take the side of anyone in this video, including the professor. Clearly he was in the wrong. But why was he so steamed? These sorts of protests were so numerous at my university that they became pretty easy to ignore after the first two weeks. Oh, you're protesting what again? Sweatshop labor? Abortion? Equatorial deforestation? The number of student groups with something to protest were so numerous that 85% of the student population became desensitized to the point of apathy. That's why I'm not sure what agitated this professor to the point where it cost him his job. Didn't he anything else better to do than pick fights with a student group on a seemingly beautiful Thursday afternoon? Since he's a law professor, shouldn't he have known that making physical contact in the manner that he did was a big no-no?

College: Where people's “problems” aren't really real-life problems at all. 

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