Texas Longhorns Hacked This Street Sign And Took A Piping Hot Deuce On The University Of Oklahoma

There is no love between fans/alumni from the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma. There’s a certain degree of respect and admiration for one another, as the two schools both some of the most successful football programs in history, but that doesn’t mean they like each other. In fact, it’s perfectly reasonable to claim that fans of either school actually hate each other, even if they tolerate one another. And that’s precisely why fans of the Texas Longhorns hacked a digital street sign in Austin to completely dump all over the Oklahoma Sooners.

It’s the offseason for college football and we diehard college football fans have to think outside of the box for ways to keep ourselves entertained. Without Saturday Football to keep us busy we turn to trash talking on the boards, obsessive attention to recruiting, and of course pranks. This is a harmless prank, and a pretty good one at that. There are a ton of University of Oklahoma Sooners that live in Austin who have to drive by this sign multiple times a day and it’s a glorious reminder that they’re on enemy grounds.

Austin’s KXAN reports:

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A digital traffic sign has been hacked at Rio Grande and 24th Street.
The hackers changed the sign’s language to read “OU Still Sucks.” In a town that is home to the University of Texas, this is a phrase that has been uttered at numerous football games.
The private contractor working on the public works department project has sent an engineer to fix the sign.
This is not the first time a traffic sign has fallen prey to hackers. A few years ago a sign along MoPac was hacked claiming drivers should watch out for the zombie apocalypse.

It’s nice to know that the Texas Longhorns keep things interesting during the offseason. Now I’m hoping that the Oklahoma Sooners respond in kind, and then we can see this prank war escalate even further…because it’s the offseason and we need that shit to keep us going.

[h/t KXAN]