People Are NOT Happy With This University Of North Texas Coffee Mug, And I Suppose It’s Easy To See Why

The University of North Texas Eagles are a proud student body, with a strong alumni network in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth region. As every American knows Texas is one of the most conservative states in the nation, it’s a reputation that most Texans like to hang their hats on at night. So it should come as no surprise that people are bugging out over this ill-thought out coffee mug.

The abbreviation for the University of North Texas is UNT, which is one letter away from a word that offends 99.99% of Texas, which is funny because when you add a handle to a coffee mug it looks like just that:

Apparently this ‘CUNT’ problem is nothing new on the UNT campus, and it’s something the students have seen in the form of vandalism for years:

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I lived in Dallas for a year, my freshmen year at SMU before transferring back to my home state and finishing college at FSU. I’m not going to lie to you bros, after growing up on an island (Siesta Key) the urban sprawl of Dallas was a bit of a culture shock. In hindsight it wasn’t much at all, I lived in NYC for nearly a decade and managed to escape the city with my sanity. There was just something about Texas that didn’t gel with me at that particular time in my life. Now in retrospect I’m fairly certain I’d love Texas as an adult, but I never gave it a chance in college (part of my biggest problem was that my parents wouldn’t let me bring my car to college and you NEED a car in Dallas). I guess all of this is a longwinded way of saying I’m now considering going to the University of North Texas for graduate school just so I can walk around campus with a CUNT mug, because that seems like a nice leisurely activity on a college campus.

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