USC Fraternity Tries To Book Rapper Tyga For $13,500, Gets Ripped Off

by 2 years ago
Marcelo Burlon x Tyga Capsule Collection - Party

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The Delta Tau Delta chapter at the University of Southern California was recently ripped off when they tried to hire no one’s favorite rapper, Tyga, to perform a show at their house. Apparently a member of the fraternity had met with a man who claimed to represent and book shows for Tyga. In reality, the man was obviously a conman who ran off with the frat’s money. The frat brother who brokered the deal probably went from being top-dog, to the frat’s shit-magnet in a matter of minutes. The frat discovered that they had been ripped off after Tyga didn’t appear to perform for his ‘scheduled’ performance.

According to TMZ:

“LAPD’s now executed a search warrant at U.S. Bank to retrieve information about the owner of the account where the money was wired. The frat also hired a P.I. and according to the docs … their guy tracked down the suspect and found out he’s already being sued for ripping off someone else for $15k.

Cops haven’t made an arrest yet.”

I gotta say, it’s pretty ballsy to continue fleecing people while you’re already being investigated for fraud. Hopefully the frat will be able to get some of their funds back.


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