UW Pike Defends Two Women From Assault, Receives Multiple Stab Wounds, Is A Goddamn Hero

The University of Washington Pike Chapter has released a plea for your thoughts and prayers, as well as commending one of their brothers, Graham Harper, on his heroism.

Graham Harper is a University of Washington student, (current/former) member of the US Army, and Pike brother…on top of all that he’s deserving of our thoughts and praise as he intervened after seeing a man assault two women, and suffered multiple stab wounds after charging the attacker.

He’s currently listed in stable condition, and I was unable to find a police record of this from the UW Police or the Seattle PD, but his UW Pike brothers have released a statement regarding their brother and his act of heroism:


The statement reads:

Sometimes, you need only to look around you to find a hero. Today, we ask for your prayers and thoughts for our brother and hero, Graham Harper, who witnessed a man assault two women, striking each of them in their faces. After seeing this, he charged at the man and defended the women, upon which he received several stab wounds. He was taken to Harborview and is now in stable condition, for which we are thankful beyond belief. We ask again for your prayers and thoughts, and wish Brother Harper a speedy recovery. He truly is a modern gentleman and living inspiration to us all.

It takes a real man like Graham to stand up to cowards attacking women, and I have no doubt his US Army training (as the fatigues in his picture indicate) helped him to be the man he is today. So bros, I’m asking each and every one of you to keep your thoughts with this hero as he recovers. You can even drop some kind words of encouragement on the UW Pike’s Facebook or Instagram if you’re so inclined.

And a big tip of the hat to Total Frat Move for being the first to report on this story.