These Students Are Using Virtual Reality Technology So You Can Have A College Experience…Without Going To College

Have you recently graduated college and begun to feel nostalgic for your “glory days”? Or did you never get the chance to go to college in the first place? Well never fear, because these two students have figured out a way for you to get the full college experience (aka drinking, blacking out, attending class (sometimes) and going to frat parties) without even setting foot on campus.

It’s called “UniVRsity: The Virtual Reality College Experience.”

Everyone knows college is the best time of your life, and what do we have to remember it by? Pictures, hazy memories, and likely an overworked liver.

Our project will tilt at $11,000 and we will give you the VR technology to bring you back to the glory days. This experience will include drunk vision, the ability to run from the cops, and of course, as many keg stands as you can handle.

For donating only $10 you’ll get access to their technology which is projected to launch in May 2015, however I don’t see it stated anywhere that you’ll need an Oculus Rift in order to use the program – but I suppose that’s just implied. You can check out their video below and click HERE to donate if you feel like the college you went to was full of boring boners who spent their weekends in the library 24/7, or if you never even went in the first place.